Friday, October 7, 2011

Back on the Trolley

Well its been a little while since I've done a legitimate post, and here is why. Its been a long week, working on papers, group projects, and studying for midterms (sadly, I've only had one midterm so far...four more to go...), as well as finding out my wisdom teeth are quite impacted, and super inflamed. Bleh.

However, there is good news. With my work and school coverage, it will pretty much be 100% covered, and thats always nice. I've also had a bunch of people look at my papers (it'd been a while since I wrote a proper essay), and they said there wasn't a whole lot of fault in there; just minor rust. Its also (Canadian) Thanksgiving, so me and the lady are going away for a few days. Its nowhere special, but they have one of the top paleontology museums in the country. And we're nerds, so it works. Plus the hotel has a hot tub, so fuck yeah.

And since I can't leave you without something to remember, here are Cam'Rons Most Ignorant Moments. If you don't know who Cam'ron is, he is a rapper from Harlem, who as you will see, has done and said some pretty hilarious things. You may recognize him from this meme (which is from moment #4):

Some more examples of these ignorant moments: showing off the stripclub in his house, bringing a girl into Walgreens and seeing what she can hold in her butt cheeks, making his mom scrub his jewelry with a toothbrush...its pretty funny.

Happy Thanksgiving, folks!


  1. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, from your neighbor to the south.

  2. Happy Canadian thanksgiving, hope you and the lady have a good time.

  3. Well that guy.. Yeah, I was almost mad for a second there bro.

  4. Happy Thanksgiving.

    That Cam fellas a knob.

  5. Happy Canadian thanksgiving :D

  6. Enjoy your Thanksgiving, I know I did. :P