Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tunesday: Tis (still) the Season

Yes, we have even more free music for all you people out there. The internet is amazing, that's all there is to it. After all these posts...I'm kind of tired of writing descriptions, so I'm just going to let you know that almost all of these are dubstep tunes.

Six tunes from Phaeleh http://www.sendspace.com/folder/qbett1

Five tunes from J-One

A free zip from the German collective, Bonn Better Know

A remix from Stenchman
SEX FOOT (Stenchman Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD!!! by MolotovJukebox

Two remixes from Whistla
Skream - 2D (Whistla Remix) **FREE DOWNLOAD** by Whistla
DJ Matt Farley & Alize Levy - Woman (Whistla Remix) **FREE DOWNLOAD** by Whistla

A new one from DCult (DL Link here)
Dcult - Tombs (dub) / Dubstepforum.gr [FREE DOWNLOAD] by Deviantstep

A free tune from Matty G (just go to the bottom of the page)

EP from Widowmaker (DL here, other link goes to his FB)

Trashbat - Baby, I Love You by Trashbat

Here's a preview of the tunes you can get from here
AD 3LP / 2011 - 2012 Free Showcase LP by Audio Doughnuts

ENiGMA Dubz - Keep It On The Low (MERRY CHRISTMAS!) by ENiGMA Dubz

Hurley - Bazooka (XMAS FREEBIE) by GangoonDubz

Freebee from the Soap Dodgers

Monday, December 26, 2011

Tracks of the Year PT. 3

I think this is going to be my last post for the Tracks of the Year, as these are pretty much all the top contenders. Lets get 'er started.

ARP 101 - U

I can't really tell you why I love this so much, but it just makes me feel so good inside! The bass is just so warm, and it just sounds so old school. If you like this track, I recommend picking up his Dead Leaf/Warriors Galactic release as well. I wanted to put it in this list...but it came out in 2010!

Boston Cream by 16bit
16 Bit never disappoints me. This track is on the harder side of things, but you know its a seller when Snoop Dogg puts it on his mixtape (which you can pick up here. It was okay).


Both Kutz and DJG are some of the most underrated producers in the UK and US respectively. Together they've come together on N-Type's "Wheel and Deal" compilation and created a classic. The pads in second half of this song are just incredible. I feel like I should be listening to this track in Lechuguilla (Planet Earth heads know what I'm talking about).


One of the biggest tunes of 2010 gets a fresh remix for 2011 from another one of my favorite producers (remember?). Its G-Funk at its finest.


Again, someone I've covered before! Even though the 'hip hop is dead' conversation has been dead for the last 5 years or so, I think it's slowly coming back. Guys like Smoke DZA and ASAP Rocky (who was in the last post) just brought back authenticity, and having fun. Takin it back to the real old school.


The Weeknd has hit my soft spots, perfecting the combination of R&B and Electronic music. And he's Canadian! Booya! Seriously though, both of these just send chills down my spine.


I love this tune because it reminds me of REAL electro; like Afrika Bambaataa, Newcleus, Cybotron...all that good 80's shit. If you don't like this, I don't like you! (jk, I love you all!)


These are the two best troll tracks I've ever heard, and thus they get the top of 2011. I still can't believe From the Love Sky has a quarter million views.

Thats about it folks. You probably don't agree with me at all, but thats okay! Thats why we all have our own blogs :)

Have yourselves a happy holiday season!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tunesday: Special Christmas Edition!

I figured that I'd give you all some gifts this Christmas, with some new, free tunes, as well as links to some of the other free tunes I've given away over this last year; just in case you missed them!

But before we get into Tunesday....check this out. Dude frontflips (and lands almost perfectly) over a fully upright defender, and gets into the endzone for the touchdown. Christmas came early (and probably left early) in Cincinnati!

To start off, we get a genre defying tune from Totte Stankovich. Its almost a mix of dubstep, garage and hip hop. Its a nice party song for sure!
Totte Stankovich - The City - FREE DOWNLOAD by Totte Stankovich

Next is Om Unit's remix of Krampfhaft's "I Need You". There is no DL link on the soundcloud, but that is because they have a few other remixes for you too! DL HERE
Krampfhaft - I Needed You (Om Unit Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD (link in description) by omunit

Here is a bootleg of James Blake, from a good friend of mine, Cam Boyd aka Crimson. He lives in my city, and I'm actually working on a remix for him. This is nice and mellow though; perfect Christmas chillin music.
James Blake - Lindesfarne II (Crimson Bootleg) FREE WAV by crimson.

According to Riskotheque, this tune was just recovered from a 4 year old hard drive, so it is possibly the first dubstep track he ever finished. This piece of history is now ours to have!
Riskotheque - Bad Language FREE DL by riskotheque

A nice, chilled out old school dub track from L-Wiz. It's nice to know they're still making music!
L-Wiz - Island ( Free Download ) by lwizdubstep

Some darker, old school dubstep vibes for you from Djinn. This was actually posted on MRK-1's soundcloud, as he figures this is an artist we all need to be looking into...
Djinn - Darkness Falls (free download) by MRK1

Another chilled out one from Cat People!
Cat People Got 9 Lives - Here I Am by CPG9L

Some Hip Hop/Disco instrumental from a favorite (who has been on the blog before), King Boom!
Sword in the Moon - STMB Beat Battle 250 (106.000) by King Boom Productions

Dank n Dirty Dubz are giving away a free compilation, and here is a little Garage style teaser from Bristol producer Calski. This track isn't dank, or dirty, but its damn good.
DANK006 - Calski - Saffire [FREE DOWNLOAD] by DANK 'N' DIRTY DUBZ

A DnB roller from Metrik, another favorite who has been on the blog before
Metrik - Your World VIP by Metrik

And lastly (for new stuff), here is a free EP from Substep Infrabass. He has 7 free remixes of his track Monotonium for you! What a guy! DL HERE

A nice little Grime zip from from the OG'z via Bandcamp

And a late addition from Helix!
Traversing The Hypersphere by Helix

Here are some other favorites from the past year:

Friday, December 23, 2011

Tracks of the Year PT. 2

Round 2, lets go! (and because Dwei brought up a good point...some tunes might not be seen as SFW. If this is seen as an issue, I would just listen to these when you get home!)


A killer grime tune from one of my favorite producers, and two really awesome MC's. Not too over the top, but still grimey enough that the streets should love it!


While this single was released in 2010...again, I give it a pass since it was December 30th. Its close enough to 2011. This instrumental, as well as all the remixes, brought real Grime back in a serious way.


An awesome intro into one of my favorite albums of the year. Might not be everyones cup of tea, but if you like southern style hip hop, give ASAP Rocky a listen!


Any time I hear this song, all I can think of is the So Solid Crew (here is your proof). The vocal sample at the drop is actually what sold me on the track. The whole thing is good, but seriously, I just love saying Awwwwwwww Shieeeeet.


I couldn't choose which of these two tracks to put, so I settled for both. Big Up the Goons is a gangsta as shit purple kind of track...while Acid Dub is a throwback to the old school rave sound. Love them both to death.

Also, watch out for the post coming on Christmas morning, folks...you're going to be in for quite the present from ol' Santa (if you're good of course!)

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tracks of the Year PT. 1

I'll be posting these over the next few days, as I figure this will give me enough time away from my family to stay sane, as well as not taking up too much time and looking like a dick. These tracks are in no particular order or anything, just the first songs to really come into my head. Lets get this started:


I'm pretty sure this song came out near the end of 2010, but thats close enough for me. Especially since I only heard it for the first time a few weeks ago. And speaking of Rick Ross....


While this was (again) released in 2010, this was the jam of 2011. As a DJ, I was always throwing this in my mixes. It was cool to hear it played by big name DJ's as well, such Chase & Status, Nero, and someone else...I just can't remember who. If you don't like the song, you'll at least appreciate the first comment in the video:

I think I'm big meat,
Whopper Junior
Extra bacon,
No lettuce,
Extra cheese,
Real niggas don't give a fuck 'bout heart disease


Michael Jackson samples? Check. Unnecessarily long breakdowns? Check. Super dope drop, without being super bro-ish? Check. Waited six months to only play this out once? You bet.


While this song has been making its way around the circuit for a couple of years, it finally got a release. ~dub in its purest form~

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Tunesday : Numbernin6

Numbernin6 is a friend of mine, and I've just realized he's given away a few free tunes! Check em out!

Here is a little teaser for you.
NumberNin6 - Sarangi by NumberNin6

edit: I realize this was posted on Wednesday; but I made the post yesterday (and in reality still have no concept of time due to jetlag, lol)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Stuck in an Airport....

...and thus I've decided I finally have enough time to make a post. Holy crap guys, these last two weeks have been nuts. Six essays, four finals, and a two weeks worth of work and I'm finally on vacation. I'm going out to visit my parents in Halifax, and at the moment I'm stuck in the airport of our nation's capital, Ottawa. It really isn't too big, and kind of boring. Bleh. Looking on the bright side though, on my flight here, I was supposed to sit by a baby. Luckily, there was an open row right across from where I had been sitting, so they moved me, and gave me a free rye and coke for the inconvenience; jackpot! Now if only I can snag the same deal on my next flight....

You've probably heard, the almighty Kim Jong-Il has died. However, since he was not well received in the international community, and since the internet knows no boundaries, here are some hilarious photoshops of him doing what he does best: droppin mad bass in the DJ booth. Check it out http://kimjongildroppingthebass.tumblr.com/ (I'd love to link this...but for some reason I can't. hmmmm)

Since I'll have plenty of spare time over these holiday's, I think I'm going to do a round up of my favorite released of the year. There is no set number, style or genre, more of just what comes to mind first. It should be good.

Anyways, my plane boards in a few minutes, so I leave you with some of the best christmas songs of all time.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tunesday: Kelly Dean, T. Williams, Hulk

Here's a free remix from Kelly Dean. If you like the more reggae-ish stuff, you will enjoy this.
Thievery Corporation - Blasting Through The City (Kelly Dean Dubstep Bootleg) FREE DOWNLOAD by Kelly Dean

And heres a more garage styled track from T. Williams (also known as Deep Teknologi), who chops up some delicious breaks for us. This is a serious heater.
T Williams - West Tek - EXCLUSIVE FREE DOWNLOAD by The Ransom Note

And new one from Hulk. I just love how over the top their tunes are, lol.
HULK - Bad Bitches by Hulk

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Preview from Silkie

Silkie has been hyping up the remix he's doing for DJ Shadow, and today he finally uploaded a little preview. Its wonderful, like some 80's R&B. Cheesy but wonderful!

DJ Shadow ft. Little Dragon - Scale It Back (Silkie's Slowjam Mix) by Silkie

And on a completely different tangent; Here is the....funniest(?) video I've seen this week. Who wouldn't want TWO lightsabers for christmas?!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Is this the greatest parking job of all time?

Well, no, its not. He ends up bumping both cars, but still caused no visible damage to them. However, the fact that he still got in there is insane. Dude's got George Costanza swag.

Also, today is the last day of classes. Now a month of freedom (aside from finals)!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Tunesday feat. Skream and Benga, plus a few mixes from myself

Ahoy there folks, Tunesday is back (and will probably be returning from now on). This week Scion is running a promotion with two of my favorite producers, Skream and Benga. Just fill in the info to get your 5 free tunes! Booyah!

Also, as a little plug, here are three old mixes I keep forgetting about. These are actually where the name Low Frequency Therapy came from. Two of them are from around 2008/2009, the other one is from last year. There should be download links on the site, and if not you can download them with Google Chrome's 'Mixcloud Downloader'! For some reason this doesn't work with the oldest mix...but thats okay. Enjoy them folks; lemme know what you think!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Four Free Tunes from Truth

Earlier in the week, Truth gave away one of these tunes on soundcloud, and I figured 'eh, I'll wait until tunesday', but now I can't. All of these are rating pretty high on the bassweight scale...so make sure you turn those subs up!

Free download releases by Truth

Friday, December 2, 2011

Lazy Friday

Ahoy there folks. I've been trapped in a dungeon the last couple of days writing essays, and I'm glad to temporarily be out. I also just picked up an iPhone, and while I still like the Android OS more...I can tell I'll be content with getting iPhones for a loooooong time. Their processing power seems to be a little bit more consistent, and to be honest, thats all I really care about. Anyways, I fell asleep in the school library last night and wasted a bunch of my day today sleeping, so here what is quite possibly Russell Peters only good bit. Dude is spot on with impressions and accents!

Have a good weekend!