Saturday, October 15, 2011

More Music Today

Ahoy there folks. Since today is going to be a "cram for midterm" day, I thought I'd just post a few more tunes today. Plus I have to go to the grocery store, and this post is preventing me from doing so (I just love you all that much).

To start off, we've got Slamagotchi, from Australia. As you know, Australians are weird (and I only say this to shock my Australian readers...I know you're there!), and his music is just as such. Its really left wing, really experimental, but I loves it.
Home Is The Campfire I Built In Your Heart by Slamagotchi

As weird as you Aussies are, you put out some good stuff...and I'm not just talking about Paul Hogan!

Next up, from the UK, we've got a personal favorite: Hackman. I don't even really know how to categorize this...I guess its kind of funky house, but so relaxing? You should just listen and determine for yourself.
remix 2 clip by Hackman

Back over to North America, we have some hip hop from Dicyfer Da Wize. Once again, a very relaxing track. Super legit though; on some 8 bit vibes too.
Too Much To Ask For (Instrumental 45) by Dicyfer Da Wize

Another American hip hop track, coming from DesMo. Do you like scratching? Do you like soulful samples? Then you'll like this. This track is swag times 1000.
Serious - DesMo by Desmond "DesMo" Edwards

Last but not least, the latest hip hop one from myself (you didn't even know I produced, did you?). Lemme know what you think!
Wonder (full) by Kid Shuffle

Anywho, back to cramming for Urban Studies. Have a good weekend all(and don't forget, get on that twitter with us! @kidshuffleLFT)!


  1. Just like you I'm way too devoted to blogging, especially when it gets in the way of doing other things. Awesome tunes, thanks for sharing these things buddy.

  2. Wonder was pretty chill. Did you drop all those harps in there?!? I'm not familiar with where the vocals came from.

  3. nice tracks, like to beat to some of them.

  4. Very different from my usual listening. Wouldn't mind hearing more of some of these.

  5. Great songs, some are unavailable for me though. I hope you breeze through your midterms.

  6. These are pretty nice to have running in the background.