Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Future By Design

Future By Design is an excellent documentary about Jacque Fresco (who you may know as the founder of The Venus Project), in which he goes over how he thinks society should be planned in the future, via his theory of sociocyberengineering. Its really quite interesting; if you were (or still are) a Sim City nerd, this is definitely for you!

On another note, KidLogic will be giving this track away for free if 9 more people like his FB page. If you like the track, like the page!

You Freek by KidLogic

Monday, June 27, 2011

Leaked Bjork!

I have a real soft sport for Bjork, so I was pretty stoked to see she had a new song out. The drums keep building through out the whole thing...and by the end, all I can say is, amen.

I also just found out this was produced by 16 Bit. It makes complete sense, but I just wouldn't have guessed it.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rob Sparx & Tunnidge - Big Top/ Zed Bias mixes!

I've had this song for a while now, and play it out quite as well. Feel free to sub to the youtube channel too; I'm not trying to make this like a UKF page or anything, just planning on uploading random tunes I can't find and want share.

Here's a bonus for you all! 4 downloadable Zed Bias mixes! Mix No4 is some serious business.
Biasonic Excursions (Chapter 1-4) by zedbiasakamaddslinky

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dev79 Presents: Street Bootlegs

Saw this link on Starkeys facebook page, so I thought I'd share it!

So this is essentially a bunch of club hip hop bootlegs (think Rick Ross, The Game, Waka Flaka...), from Dev79 and a few other people (like Edmontons own Knight Riderz. Big ups to them!). Pretty decent so far, but if you don't like crunk or any of that, this might not be for you.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

32 Free Tracks Courtesy of Rob Sparx

The title says it all. 32 tracks, but only a few are dubstep. The bulk are old DnB tunes (some which were made with Tunnidge), and the rest are kind of a mix between progressive house and breaks. All the songs are solid though. Every single one. You may recognize a few vocal samples from other tunes too!

DNB Highlights 2004-2006 FREE TUNES!!! by Rob Sparx
Progressive 4-4 & Breaks 2002-2006 FREE TUNES!!! by Rob Sparx
FREE TUNEAGE!!! by Rob Sparx

I would have rar'd this, but there are a few wav files. It just wouldn't have worked.
Anyways, enjoy!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free Tune from Om Unit and Lorn

Om Unit x Lorn - Obsidian by omunit

80's electro...yes please!

The Art of Noise appresh

This is how I first found out about The Art of Noise. I had heard the song sampled by Koopsta Knicca (well...DJ Paul from the Three 6 Mafia, really), and also in Tootsie Roll, by the 69 Boyz.

Anyways, I just looked into this group some more, and they have some really great stuff. I'd almost go on a whim and say that they invented dubstep with moments in love

They also had Rakim on a track....jesus.(And a Roni Size remix..possibly the first drumstep track too! Kidding.)

They also had a jungle track themselves, and its really not that bad. Sounds like something LTJ Bukem would mix up.

These songs don't even really describe The Art of Noise, but I recommend checking their other stuff out as well. They did a bunch of weird stuff, like the theme for "Dragnet" and for some British TV show (the krypton factor...or something like that?).

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Theres a Fork in the Road...

Found this video originally at The Meme and Other Lol blog.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Nasty Nas is on Soundcloud

NASTY (Produced by Salaam Remi) -DIRTY by Nasir Jones

Get the free track while you can; shits hot.

Friday, June 10, 2011

The Greatest

I came home last night, turned on the movie channel and found "The Greatest". I looked at the description ans though "damn, a blaxploitation movie, about Muhammad Ali, starring Muhammad Ali, and has Ernest Borgnine, Robert Duvall and a young James Earl Jones? This has to be great, right?"

Well, I was right. Its pretty much a blaxploitation rip off of Rocky. But more Rocky 2,3 and 4 than the original. Some scenes are just over the top (like how happy he gets when he finally gets to fight Foreman again), but some (like when he says hes not going to Vietnam) are brilliant. As a fan of Muhammad Ali, I really do have to recommend this film. It portrays his life from the '62 Olympics up until The Rumble in the Jungle, and shows a lot of his real fight footage! Having actual boxing in a movie completely changes how you look at it. No matter how cheesy the scenes may get, or how awkward Ali's acting skills are, you're always hyped up to see those fights. Because lets face it, he is The Greatest.

Watch the first 20 minutes of the movie on youtube, here and here