Thursday, September 15, 2011

The People Clap Loud When You Win a Grammy...

...Louder when you win an Oscar...but the people clap the loudest when you fall...

Watch the whole thing. Just do it. Does anyone know what show this is from?


  1. ahahahahahaahahah wtfff arghh arghh arghh arghh arhhh hahahaha oh God that was great
    They seemed like a bunch of douchebags and the ending confirmed it hahah

    After googling a bit, i found out the show is called "Ton of Cash"
    I might have to watch it from now on.

  2. It was going good right until the end.

  3. Lmao! Might have to check this show out myself. Thanks for sharing buddy.

  4. Lol, that was quite a performance :)

  5. Convictus said it the best, haha

  6. Obviously the show isn't called "the biggest loser ever" cause if it was he wouldn't have been voted out!

  7. I lol'd ; interesting blog +Followed!

  8. wow I was kinda meh till he lost his shit then I was lolz

  9. Someone needed to get a hose and spray him. It would've been so much fun, like when you hose an angry dog and goes warrrhghhhrararaaraaarhhblll

  10. interesting. I can't think of other words to describe what i just saw.

  11. Oh yea, saw this on a site a couple of days ago. Ending totally threw me for a look. I believe someone said that he was quoting from Rocky or something, hard to remember.

    On an unrelated note, like the blog. Following and supporting, looking forward to knew posts!

  12. I firstly heard something way different...

    "People clap loud when you win a grammy, they clap louder when you win an oscar. But the people clap the loudest when you FART...."

    WHAT? WAIT....FART? Let me hear again.....
    Oh Ok, "people clap the loudest when you fall"

  13. He's getting in touch with his primal nature.. cool dude. :P

    _Lumina_: That part about getting hit and moving forward is from Rocky.

  14. "that's actually really inspir------"

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