Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Post Dubstep" from Pále

I'm not really too keen on the name itself, but some of this "post dubstep" stuff coming out is pretty cool. I'd just hopped up on soundcloud and found that Pále was sharing a track with me. Now, even with all the spammers starting to pop up on the site, I still check everything that gets sent to me. I mean really, why not right?

This was the track, and to be honest, I was pretty impressed.
They Do [Free Download in Buy link] by Pále

At the moment, I'm on vacation, and this is the relaxing kind of music I wanted to hear. The sounds remind me of Ramadanman, Mount Kimbie and all that good stuff. He has a few more tear out sounding tracks...but they're still not too intense. Just nice and fresh. Heres an example (with free download!)
Wolf Woes//Fever [Now Free Download!] by Pále

Check out the kids page, he's only 17, has more free downloads and nowhere to go but up! I probably wont be back posting until I get back home, so hopefully this fulfills your bass needs til then!

Friday, July 29, 2011

Free Tunes from Subway

Subway, a Dutch event company/record label has just given away three tracks to show off their new website. And all of them are pretty damn good; my personal favorite comes from, a personal favorite, Matt-U. I'd link them on here...but meh, I'll make you go to the site yourself to see if its worth it!

Here's a little jazzy one for y'all though.
Epworth - Love Lost Love Found - Tube10 - FREE DOWNLOAD by Subway Music

And at the last minute, I've found this freebee from Jakes. This is more on the reggae tip, and its fucking sick. Sounds like some old coki! If I recall correctly, yousendit links only last a if the link expires, lemme know and I'll reup it

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Alright folks, I've been gone for a while, and here is the big post to tell you why.

The last few weeks have been quite crazy for me. It all started on July 7th, when The Calgary Stampede started. The Stampede is like a county fair for our city, theres all the midway rides, rigged carnie games, deep fried food everywhere, and the most important (and historic) part, the Rodeo. Last I'd checked, the purse for our Rodeo is the single largest in the circuit, so its kind of a big deal. Anyways, this is when all the tourists come to our city, and I work at an restaurant one block from the grounds; which kept me quite busy for those 10 days. During that time frame, I'd also had a couple of shows; one with Stagga and Calvetron (which was pretty dope. I'd been waiting to see Stagga for years now. Calevtron was meh.), and one with a DMC Champ, DJ Shiftee (which bombed, unfortunately).

After that week and a half was done, I had what was probably the gig of my life so far: opening up for Zed's Dead. I don't even really like them a whole lot (they're not bad, I'm just not about that "electro" sound), but they do put on a really good show. And it was at the biggest venue in town, so you can't ever really complain about that. I only played from 10-11, but half way through my set, there must have been almost 1000 people there, and the feeling was unreal. I can't wait to play there again...

As this was all happening, I've also been working on getting back into University. The amount of red tape I had to go through to get my transcript transferred from my last school to this one was so frustrating, and so stressful, that I was just about ready to give up. Luckily, I ended up talking to the right person, at the right time, and got a two week extension on getting my transcripts transferred. I've been spending the rest of the time trying to figure out classes, and trying to figure out where to find a new job. The classes are all taken care of...the job is getting there. I also have to find time to move into my uncles house next month, and had to say my goodbyes to my parents and siblings, as they're in the process of moving back to the east coast. Its been a weird month, but with the amount of changes that have happened in the last little while, I'm really excited to see what the future has in store! (A little scared too, but I think I need to be!)

I've finally got a chance to catch up on tracks as well, so here's a few of my current favorites:

Dr Dre - The Next Episode (Neon Steve redub, DL link available on the page)
Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg - The Next Episode (Jay Robinson Clubstep mix) Neon Steve Re-Rub by NEONSTEVE

Benga - Acid Lie

Original Sin - I Love It

Chrome - I Learned

Darq E Freaker - Cape Town

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Nas feat. Common - Ghetto Dreams

Common - Ghetto Dreams feat NAS by Nasir Jones

It seems Nas is uploading his stuff, then taking it down within a week or so. Get track while you still can!