Sunday, December 25, 2011

Tunesday: Special Christmas Edition!

I figured that I'd give you all some gifts this Christmas, with some new, free tunes, as well as links to some of the other free tunes I've given away over this last year; just in case you missed them!

But before we get into Tunesday....check this out. Dude frontflips (and lands almost perfectly) over a fully upright defender, and gets into the endzone for the touchdown. Christmas came early (and probably left early) in Cincinnati!

To start off, we get a genre defying tune from Totte Stankovich. Its almost a mix of dubstep, garage and hip hop. Its a nice party song for sure!
Totte Stankovich - The City - FREE DOWNLOAD by Totte Stankovich

Next is Om Unit's remix of Krampfhaft's "I Need You". There is no DL link on the soundcloud, but that is because they have a few other remixes for you too! DL HERE
Krampfhaft - I Needed You (Om Unit Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD (link in description) by omunit

Here is a bootleg of James Blake, from a good friend of mine, Cam Boyd aka Crimson. He lives in my city, and I'm actually working on a remix for him. This is nice and mellow though; perfect Christmas chillin music.
James Blake - Lindesfarne II (Crimson Bootleg) FREE WAV by crimson.

According to Riskotheque, this tune was just recovered from a 4 year old hard drive, so it is possibly the first dubstep track he ever finished. This piece of history is now ours to have!
Riskotheque - Bad Language FREE DL by riskotheque

A nice, chilled out old school dub track from L-Wiz. It's nice to know they're still making music!
L-Wiz - Island ( Free Download ) by lwizdubstep

Some darker, old school dubstep vibes for you from Djinn. This was actually posted on MRK-1's soundcloud, as he figures this is an artist we all need to be looking into...
Djinn - Darkness Falls (free download) by MRK1

Another chilled out one from Cat People!
Cat People Got 9 Lives - Here I Am by CPG9L

Some Hip Hop/Disco instrumental from a favorite (who has been on the blog before), King Boom!
Sword in the Moon - STMB Beat Battle 250 (106.000) by King Boom Productions

Dank n Dirty Dubz are giving away a free compilation, and here is a little Garage style teaser from Bristol producer Calski. This track isn't dank, or dirty, but its damn good.
DANK006 - Calski - Saffire [FREE DOWNLOAD] by DANK 'N' DIRTY DUBZ

A DnB roller from Metrik, another favorite who has been on the blog before
Metrik - Your World VIP by Metrik

And lastly (for new stuff), here is a free EP from Substep Infrabass. He has 7 free remixes of his track Monotonium for you! What a guy! DL HERE

A nice little Grime zip from from the OG'z via Bandcamp

And a late addition from Helix!
Traversing The Hypersphere by Helix

Here are some other favorites from the past year:


  1. Merry Christmas man. I'll check these tunes when Christmas is over or died down a bit, have a great one!

  2. Wow, very nice! Some great tracks. Merry Christmas!

  3. Nice! That's alot of free tunage.. Man, I was watching that Cincinatti game, that shit was crazy. It almost looked fake or rigged, lol.

  4. Holy shit that front flip was awesome.

  5. wow merry christmas and thanks for the free downloads.