Saturday, July 30, 2011

"Post Dubstep" from Pále

I'm not really too keen on the name itself, but some of this "post dubstep" stuff coming out is pretty cool. I'd just hopped up on soundcloud and found that Pále was sharing a track with me. Now, even with all the spammers starting to pop up on the site, I still check everything that gets sent to me. I mean really, why not right?

This was the track, and to be honest, I was pretty impressed.
They Do [Free Download in Buy link] by Pále

At the moment, I'm on vacation, and this is the relaxing kind of music I wanted to hear. The sounds remind me of Ramadanman, Mount Kimbie and all that good stuff. He has a few more tear out sounding tracks...but they're still not too intense. Just nice and fresh. Heres an example (with free download!)
Wolf Woes//Fever [Now Free Download!] by Pále

Check out the kids page, he's only 17, has more free downloads and nowhere to go but up! I probably wont be back posting until I get back home, so hopefully this fulfills your bass needs til then!


  1. The worth that learned charity aye wears: Following!

  2. Nice warm sub bass on those tracks, excellent stuff especially for his age!

  3. Big up on the heads up, just copped the free download, impressive tunes.

  4. its impressive to find young kids making sick music, but even more impressive when its deeper more artistic stuff rather than just noise and wobbly tear out that everyone else that age seems focused on. good find man!