Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Timbo appresh

Romeo Must Die was on tv today, and since I'm a sucker for terrible movies, I watched it. I didn't see it when it originally came out, but I do remember hearing the soundtrack single "Try Again" 5 times a day. So after hearing the song play after a hilariously epic fight scene (you gotta love the bad CGI fire), I was pretty stoked to see it was as good as I remembered.
Before my stoned rant spins out of control, here's a bunch of tracks (original and intrumentals) Timbaland has done:

(I have to stop myself here...theres just too much)

For the last 10 years he's always been my favorite producer, but now I gotta say he might be the best mainstream producer over that time frame.

/awaits hate


  1. Can't say I share your enthusiasm for Timbaland. Might have to watch Romeo Must Die, though.

  2. Absolutely love timbaland, you wont be getting any hate from me!