Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Big ups to VersionDouble for their last post, it was the basis for this post here. I've always been a lover of funk, and I think there was a lot of great 80's electo-funk that got overlooked for either just not being big enough, or for sounding too similar to disco. Here's some classics you may know, through originals or through sampling, and some tunes that may be new!

Before this gets too insane, I'm going to recommend just listening to the tunes on this youtube channel (I think he actually has another channel as well...I'll get back to you on that). Mans got an impressive amount of funk.


  1. I think I should get into this stuff. I love hearing it, just never had the dedication to dig.

  2. I am completely with phthalo on this. I must dig.

  3. Cheers for the mention! glad it inspired you, i love this stuff. I've actually stumbled on a goldmine of 80s funk and disco tracks... expect alot more soon. In the mean time, imma check these out. word!