Friday, November 18, 2011

Fueling Change, and some other new stuff

First off, TGIF. I hate using that abbreviation, but I could not be happier with the fact that it is finally Friday. For one, most of my marks for midterm exams/projects were up today, and its nice to see most of my marks ranging from B's to A's. I'm glad to know all that slaving away in my room wasn't for nothing!

Anywho, for this update HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO GO GOOD IN THIS WORLD. Some of you might have looked on the side of the blog in the twitter feed and seen something along the lines of "I voted for Fueling Change"...and have been wondering what that is. Essentially, Shell is vowing to give $25,000 in funding to a company who is "fueling" environmental change in our society. My girlfriend and her colleagues in Student Energy have entered this contest. In a nutshell, they put on international conferences to educate University students (and eventually, anyone and everyone) in the world of Climate Change and Environmental Sustainability, specifically energy. Now, back to that contest. The company with the most votes wins the $25,000, and there is probably some prizes for second and third place. However, if you could take a few seconds out of your day to sign up, and vote for this, it would be much appreciated. If you are a person who really thinks this is a great way to change how we think about the envrionment (or if you just reaaaaaaaaaaaaally like me that much), you can get 40 more votes by logging in with Facebook or Twitter, giving you a grand total of 50 votes! Again, voting on this would be much appreciated by me, the whole Student Energy fam, and our planet!

So enough of that sappy stuff. Here are two tunes I've been feeling lately. They're more experimental than usual, but I think you'll still enjoy them!

This first track comes from Old Apparatus...who I'm sure I blogged about before, but I can't find the post. Oh well. Theres no real way to explain this just must listen. He had a pretty cool mini-mix as well, which you can find here.
Old Apparatus - Hand to mouth by Old apparatus

This next one is from Kromestar's new "Parallel Sounds" EP (which is marvelous). It has that super old school 80's synth vibe; to be honest, it sounds like it should be the theme song to an old police/action show, or possibly a game show. Anyways, it is awesome.

Have a good weekend all! Don't forget to vote!


  1. Man I love the last one so much. Have a great weekend too buddy!

  2. Yeah so agree with TGIF and voted too!

  3. Already voted via the forum :]

    That Old Apparatus tune is dreamy, and Kromestar always brings the fire.

  4. Congrats on the good results and finally getting rid of some of that stuff :) good luck with the contest too.

  5. yeah thats what the plan is, the lack of adventure around here is mind numbing. that first tune was too ambient, its like i was stoned and staring at the stars.

  6. When I visited the United Arab Emirates, one of the more popular restaurants was T.G.I.T-Thank God It's Thursday. (Hmm, ADD Moment...shouldn't that be Allah?). No kidding. I guess because Sunday was a workday there.
    They had two sections: Beheading and Non-Beheading.
    We NEVER minded waiting until a table opened up in the Non-Beheading section (ok, I'm kidding with that one).

  7. as if i've heard this somewhere before... very nice.

  8. Nice to Shell doing stuff like this. Hope other companies will take this as a sign and do similar things.

  9. Good luck to your girlfriend, cool tracks also