Saturday, August 6, 2011

Weird News Day, Today...

I'm a sucker for the news. In my spare time, I'm always browsing the web, reading different news articles. There are always weird stories...but these four stories really stood out while I read them.

Story One: Man Rents a 78 Square Foot Apartment in Manhattan...

...shares one bathroom with three other tenants (who live in similar sized apartments), and pays $800 dollars a month for it. This is not because he can't afford anywhere else, its just because of location. Jesus christ.

Story Two: Only U.S. Harmonica Company To Close Rockford Facility

This story was just weird, because if there is anything thats American as fuck, its a harmonica. They may have been invented in Europe, but you know damn well where the harmonica solo was perfected. Anyways, I'm really just surprised there was only one factory in the country, ever.

Story 3: Kent Man Charged With Girlfriends Murder, Digs up Her Tombstone...

...and then spells her name with Taco Bell wrappers.

Story Four: Pensioner Escapes Being Burned Alive When His Mobility Scooter Turns Into a Fireball

Yes, the story is as hilarious as the title. What may be more hilarious though, is that The Sun is probably the only paper running this story. Its really no surprise they are, since this isn't really "real" news...but it is kind of a big deal. I mean, how does a Mobility Scooter BURST INTO FLAMES as intensely as it did? A short circuit you say? Thats a pretty intense short circuit...

So yeah, does anyone agree that it was a weird news day?


  1. Ummm... woah. Number three was really... what? 0_o

  2. Story one is also pretty nice, thats going to be the latest trend and on top of that I loved the price for it! :DD

    Overall pretty insane news though!

  3. How could you live in 78 sq foot apartment. There's gotta be limits, just because it's in Manhattan. Insane.

    No. 3. WUT...

  4. Harmonica company closes, and nothing of value was lost.