Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Art of Noise appresh

This is how I first found out about The Art of Noise. I had heard the song sampled by Koopsta Knicca (well...DJ Paul from the Three 6 Mafia, really), and also in Tootsie Roll, by the 69 Boyz.

Anyways, I just looked into this group some more, and they have some really great stuff. I'd almost go on a whim and say that they invented dubstep with moments in love

They also had Rakim on a track....jesus.(And a Roni Size remix..possibly the first drumstep track too! Kidding.)

They also had a jungle track themselves, and its really not that bad. Sounds like something LTJ Bukem would mix up.

These songs don't even really describe The Art of Noise, but I recommend checking their other stuff out as well. They did a bunch of weird stuff, like the theme for "Dragnet" and for some British TV show (the krypton factor...or something like that?).