Sunday, June 19, 2011

32 Free Tracks Courtesy of Rob Sparx

The title says it all. 32 tracks, but only a few are dubstep. The bulk are old DnB tunes (some which were made with Tunnidge), and the rest are kind of a mix between progressive house and breaks. All the songs are solid though. Every single one. You may recognize a few vocal samples from other tunes too!

DNB Highlights 2004-2006 FREE TUNES!!! by Rob Sparx
Progressive 4-4 & Breaks 2002-2006 FREE TUNES!!! by Rob Sparx
FREE TUNEAGE!!! by Rob Sparx

I would have rar'd this, but there are a few wav files. It just wouldn't have worked.
Anyways, enjoy!


  1. Sick gunna have to go through them all. very generous of him

  2. I have to agree, some of those are really good. Even the more jump-up tunes are pretty solid. I bought this old track from Rob Sparx/Tunnidge a while back and thought it was the only one. Maybe I'll upload it to youtube for my next post, since I can't find it anywhere