Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thrasher: Skate and Destroy

If you go back to my first post, you'll see I was talking about this game for the Playstation; Thrasher: Skate and Destroy. It came out right after the first Tony Hawk game, when there was a whole slew of skating games coming out, but if you ask me, Thrasher stands out above the rest. Yes, even above THPS 1. The controls were more challenging, gravity was more realistic, you could get hurt and lose your progress on that level, you could get sponsored and customize your player (something innovative at the time), the cops would chase you after your time limit was over, multiplayer was awesome...but most importantly, the soundtrack kicked copious amounts of ass. Just look at all the tracks they featured:

And of course, no hip hop soundtrack is complete without...

The rest of the cuts:
Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock
EPMD - I'm Housin
Eric B and Rakim - I Know You Got Soul
Gangstarr - Just to Get a Rep
Run DMC - King of Rock
Stetsasonic - Talkin All That Jazz
The Freestylers - Freestyle Noise
Ultramagnetic MC's - Kool Keith Housin Things

If you don't think thats a great soundtrack, you need help. That is all.

I was really disappointed Rockstar never made a sequel to this game. It was more realistic than THPS, yet still had enough of that arcade feel to entertain you for hours on the career mode. The learning curve was a bit steep compared to THPS; but you got the hang of it quick enough that it didn't really matter. The multiplayer had enough options to keep you entertained as well, and had innovative modes such as "Sick Fix"; which took advantage of the games ragdoll physics engine, and put you in a head to head competition of who can hurt themselves the most. Creating lines based on how hard you're going to bail was quite fun, if I may say!

All in all, the game didn't have the best graphics (remember, this was before Rockstar was any sort of mainstream powerhouse), and if you can get past that, I really recommend giving Thrasher a shot!


  1. Never played it. Looks good though, especially the soundtrack!

  2. i think i remember this, my mate defo had it because i remember the sound track!

  3. skate games always have awesome soundtracks!

  4. Yeah i use to have this. From what i remember it was well hard though (but i think that was just because i was quite young).

    Skating games always have sick music.

  5. Yeah i had this, way harder than TH but much better soundtrack. Many memories of getting tasered with white lines playing in the background.

  6. dont't think i ever played this but i got a few early tony hawk soundtracks, great nostalgia