Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Culture Saturday Success

So me and my crew started our new residency this saturday at one of the bigger clubs in our city. It was pretty dope, one room of more broish stuff (but its all good), one room of reggae and ragga jungle, and then another for more downtempo hip hop/dubstep. I played in the downtempo room and it was pretty legit. I bring this up, because I can't stop listening to this DJ Wonder remix of Voodoo People (which I didn't even know existed until I bought it on saturday). Its such a simple track, and it still made everyone get off, it was nuts. You don't need brostep to always appeal to a crowd!

Here's our photo album from the night

If you can find me, you win 1000 internetz!

I would also like to ask something of anyone who reads this!
At this night, I had a bunch of DJ's (who are older than me) kissing my ass to give them slots at this night, since I'm going to be there twice a month. Now, I used kiss these guys asses three years ago to try and get slots, and never got the time of day. They also do the most uninspired mixes (Excision styles, bangin through and through). How would you deal with this? Would you just say you listened to it and passed it along to the guy who organizes it, or would you just blow them off?


  1. Would probably just tell them i had a listen and it's not really the style i'm after

  2. Treat the ones who gave you the most respect with respect, be brutally honest to everyone else. Tell them you'll see what you can do but you're unimpressed.

  3. Haven't heard that Prodigy remix in aaages.